Realistic Telescope Simulator

Through a friend, I was referred to this awesome new site and resource for telescope simulator, which can be found at This tool is so helpful as it allows astronomers to get a realistic idea of what an object would look like for a telescope being used.

Other options include simulations of different lens, and simulation of an object for teaching purposes. Although limited in the number of objects, it is a great tool for those looking to buy either a telescope or a lens as well as teachers. This is a great addition to the telescope article that we did, which we will link here.

This is such an easy tool to use. Just enter the diameter of the telescope and then select the object you want to see. Changing the telescope diameter, from 60 to 600 mm will change the view of the objects. The default objects include the Earths moon, Saturn, and a few galaxies.

In the detailed simulation section, one can change eyepiece, the field of view, and celestial objects.

This is a great resource for all interested astronomers as it provides a baseline for what to expect from a telescope. The eye can naturally see less than the pictures from NASA; therefore, having a realistic idea of what will be seen provides and sets accurate expectations.

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