Vista House Astronomy Site

The Vista House is a great place to go to look at the stars for the evening outside of Portland or during the day when one is passing through the historic Columbia River Gorge, ! This is a common site for those who want to potentially catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis as well as view the nights sky! Note, this is located close to Stub Stewart State Park.


  • Light Pollution: Yellow Zone
  • Who Uses This Site: This site is a general hiking spot. Anyone can use it!
  • Gear that one can bring: Anything really! This is a spot right near Sherrard Point and Rooster Rock State Park.

Note: This is an area that is right next to an Oregon State Park. People will come here to look for Northern Lights. It has a great view of the Gorge.

Vista House
West View From Vista House
Vista House
Eastern View from Vista House


  • # of spots: 20-30
  • Cost For Parking: 0
  • Parking Permit(s) Required: N/A (Oregon State Parks Pass during the day)
  • Where Permit(s) Can Be Obtained: REI or other outdoor stores or Forest Service Ranger Districts

There are no Overnight Accommodations

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