Pacific Northwest Astronomical Observatories

Pine Mountain Observatory Source: wikipedia

Looking for one of the many astronomical observatories in the Pacific Northwest? Here is a full listing of these observatories at the time of publication. Please note that hours and admission could change depending on the time of year, as well as construction and other changes could affect hours


Oregon Observatory
Pine Mountain Observatory
Haggart Observatory — Closed Temporarily for Rennovation
Vernonia Peak Observatory — Private and not open to the public


LIGO Hanford Observatory
Ritchie Observatory
Manastash Ridge Observatory (MRO)
Goldendale Observatory — Closed Temporarily for Rennovation
Herold Observatory
Jewett Observatory
Theodor Jacobsen Observatory (TJO)
Pacific Northwest Regional Observatory


Centennial Observatory
Bruneau Dunes State Park Observatory
University of Idaho Observatory

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